Our contests

Whenever you visit us, we are pleased to say thank you by giving you the opportunity to win a $ 50 gift certificate by subscribing at the end of your meal. We offer 10 gift certificates each month. You also need to know that children are welcome at Roberto. We love and welcome them with open arms. A drawing will be given to each child. For our little artists "Piccolo di Roberto Artista", each drawing is a chance to win a $ 15 gift certificate. We offer 10 gift certificates to our young artists every month.

What will your reaction be if you’re a winner?
Restaurant Roberto’s team wishes you good luck!

Contests details

The draw
Held at Restaurant on the first day of each month and is made by the customer on site.
What will happen if your email or drawing of your child is selected?
If you are one of our 10 lucky winners, we'll contact you by email. You will have one month to use your gift certificate.
Using your Gift Certificate
The winners for the current month have 30 days to use their gift certificate. The certificates offered as part of this Contest are not redeemable for cash and accepted only in the 2nd floor restaurant. The use of these gift certificates excludes take out orders and grocery.

The winners of a $ 50 gift certificate of this month

Yuko Katsuki, Carolyne Laberge, Fanie Lacroix, Marie-Claire, Carmen Gagnon, Normand Plourde, André Shurapesh, Sandrine Edouard Monique Clau & Simon-Louis Lajeunesse.
Congratulations to all our winners!

Winners for "Piccolo artista" this month

Victoria (picking of names), Quentin, Alice, Gaël, Enza, Ophélie, Ariane, Lucie, Anaïs & Gabrielle.
Congratulations to all our winners!