About Us

Restaurant Roberto a family tradition since 1980, using only the freshest ingredients. Our menu offers a variation of lusty creations and fine Olive oil. Seasonally inspired table d’hôte, great tasting and satisfying portions, which change weekly in order the serve, the freshest available items.

You will find generous portions of homemade pasta pizza, fish dish and veal including our veal shank or our slow roasted piglet. You will enjoy tempting homemade desserts such as our famous Zoppoli, Italian cheesecake and semifreddo.

To complement your dinner, an extensive Wine list including a selections of grappa, desserts wines and liquors. Restaurant Roberto has private rooms that can be reserved in advance for lunch or dinner, offering wireless Internet connection and large screen for projection. We also offer group menus tailored to customer’s needs.

About our logo

Restaurant Roberto, located on Belanger street here in Montréal is an effortlessly sophisticated Italian restaurant that balances gracefully on a fine line between casual neighbourhood restaurant and destination point. Roberto is knowned for it’s pasta since 1980.

When you perceive the place from the street, you catch sight of the restaurant’s logo on the building, a 8-year old little boy pictured with his mom in a suit too big for him, his eyes filled with dreams and aspirations; yes it's the owner of the place, John D’Angelo. From a very young age, in the family kitchen, John was always snooping around while his mother and grandmother were preparing homemade traditional cooking. In 1995, John took over restaurant Roberto and renovated the place and continues the tradition.